Feras's Bio

Founder and artistic director of Mozaiek Ensemble. A Syrian pianist, composer and music arranger, specialized in composing and arranging eastern and Arabic music.

Graduated from The Arabic Institute of Music as a pianist in 1992, studied the piano with professors Vladimir Zaritsky, Cynthia El-Wadi and Gaswan Zerikly.

A member of the Syrian Artists Association since 1998. Played the piano with big stars in the Arab world: Mayada El-Hennawy (1994-1996), Majida Al-Roumi (2000-2008), George Wassouf, Abdallah Al-Rowaished, Nour Mhanna, Samira Said, Elias Karam and Melhem Barakat.

He was the conductor of several singers’ bands in the Arab world including: Asala Nasri – Moeen Sherif – Rida – Houwaida – Rouwaida Attieh – Melhem Zein and others.

Composed and arranged many musical pieces, some of them are short songs and some are instrumental music without singing. On an assignment for opera Spanga 2018 he composed the Arabic March, inspired by Verdi’s triumphal march from the Opera Aida.

Feras comes from a musical family, he is the oldest son of Assad Khoury (1953) and the grandson of the famous musician Muhanna al – Khouri. Father Assad Khoury founded one of the first recording studios in Syria, the “Al Rabea studio” in 1985. The studio worked for the most important singers and musicians from the Arab world. Sayed Makkawi, Hulmi Bake, Mouhamad Soultan, Mayada Al-Hinnawi, Abdallah Ruwaished, Assala Nasri, Elias Karam and many others.

After becoming a member of the“Syrian Artist Association”in 1988, Feras worked together with his father in the studio and besides that as an arranger, composer and pianist with the Syrian Radio and Television. Until the attacks on the studios mid-2012. Unfortunately none of the archives with recordings are accessible.

Feras is a classical trained musician by his education, but he also learned everything about eastern music by his origin and work for the studios. The combination of this knowledge and experience can be found in his compositions and arrangements. A crossover of eastern and western-classical music.